YITH WooCommerce Pending Order Survey allow you to send email and surveys for pending orders.
I am sure you get disappointed when you see an order fixed in pending status. You would make every effort to see it as completed, whereas the only thing you can do is to wait for user’s decision and if he/she won’t complete that order, it will be removed from system. As a consequence, you will lose both the sale and the customer.

It would be wonderful to understand why those orders acquire a pending status, wouldn’t it?
Our YITH WooCommerce Pending Survey has been studied with this purpose!

Once installed and configured, you could send an automatic email to users with a pending order, which allows you to establish a relationship with them and, possibly, to ask them if they have found issues during the purchase or the reason why they didn’t complete that order. You could also stimulate users to give an answer by offering them a discount coupon. In this way you will obtain:

the answers you need to fix potential obstacles on your e-commerce and to optimize your sales;
a radical decreased percentage of pending orders;
…and your customers’ loyalty!
Create one or more surveys that will be emailed to users who have “pending” orders
Schedule series dispatching of survey emails and define a specific time interval before each sending
Add a coupon code in the survey email
Add in the email body a link that allows users to retry payment
Send a thank-you email after the order is completed
You can see answers given for each single survey question
Survey questions have open questions
Complete view of the list of “pending” orders
Complete view of all recovered orders, the ones that have been completed thanks to the “repurchase” link added to the survey email
Statistics reports
CSV export questions and answers