YITH WooCommerce Membership allows you to create custom membership for the contents of your shop.
Selling products with dedicated access is a great opportunity to increase your earnings: big companies like Udemy or Treehouse prove it, achieving huge amount of sales volumes with this business model. Their income is intended to grow considering the amount of people looking for their products. In a completely automatic way, you could offer your users a restricted and exclusive access to tailored information, like a course, a study plan, a sequence of e-books, or even premium services, etc.

Imagine having a class of students that attend to your lessons, and that each lesson is displayed exactly when you have planned, with no errors, respecting completely your lesson plan. Imagine publishing resources and products to your customers, managing independently payments and content release: YITH WooCommerce Membershipwill let you do all this and even more.

Manage courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, send messages to your customers, schedule the publication of the exclusive contents for your customer: these actions are easily achievable with YITH WooCommerce Membership, a plugin conceived and designed to tear down any difficulty for the management of reserved products for those who purchase them.

Membership is nice and ready: you just have to create the products in your shop, and the software will do the rest, leaving you free to manage your time as you want. The plugin works with pages, posts, WooCommerce files and products, videos, etc. The restricted area is easy to use, and will let you protect your work, and make it accessible only to those who paid for it.

Create unlimited memberships in your shop
Set an expiration date for each membership
Make specific contents available to members only after a specific number of days since purchase of the membership
Make all contents of the site (products and posts) and associated to specific categories and/or tags accessible to all users belonging to the same membership
Associate two or more memberships to give users the possibility to access contents of all memberships from one account
Variable products supported
Make media accessible only to users belonging to a specific membership
Free access to the contents of one or more membership plans for all the users who get registered on the site New
A chance to protect the access to links embedded in articles, pages and products: they will only be displayed to the owners of a specific membership New
A chance to set up the content of a page, post or product, differently according to different membership plans
Remove pagination in the post, if any
Members can send messages to the admin using the widget ‘YITH Membership – Messages’
Admin section dedicated for all messages sent by members
Complete history of memberships that users have purchased so far
Change the status of membership for each single user
Change expiration date for membership for each single user
Restricted area in “My account” page in which all contents accessible to users are shown
Shortcode to add WooCommerce login form
Choose what you want to show to non-members if they try to access reserved contents:
redirect to 404 page
show alternative text, if any
redirect users to a specific URL
Send an email automatically to users when certain conditions occur:
membership created
membership cancelled
expiring membership (the email is sent 10 days before expiration date)
Show users the history of the mebership in their “My Account” page
Let non-registered users purchase a membership
Allow users to purchase a membership with a subscription plan, thanks to the compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Subscription
Set a limited number of products to download per day/month or year
Detailed report which allows you to check:
number of downloads filtered by product or user
the number of memberships currently active or activated from the plugin activation date
Admin can edit details concerning each membership associated to a specific user:
ID of the associated plan
starting and expiry date
number of the associated order
user ID
membership status
number of remaining credits
Set the number of credits required to allow product download
Hide price and “Add to cart” button to members on every downloadable product
Change all the details related to the membership associated to a user, admin side
Associated plan ID
Starting and expiration dates
Associated order number
User ID
Membership status
Number of remaining credits
Set the number of required credits for the single product download
Hide the price and “Add to cart” button to all members for all the products on which the download is available
Offer free shipping on all the products of your site to users registered to one of the available membership plans
100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: custom discounts for the users owning one more membership plans