YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce Premium allows you to generate product feed to sync your products with your Google Shopping merchant center.
Have you ever noticed that Google shows product feeds among its results?

They are so captivating, tempting and attractive! They immediately catch users’ eye, persuade them to click and take them directly to your shop page.

Google Merchant: the bright idea by Google, well-conceived for those who aim to boost their sales. Just think about it! That simple click will not only meet the target but will also take the users who have a strong tendency to purchase to your site and, as a foreseeable consequence, increase your sales.

Connect WooCommerce to Google Merchant instantly from the word ‘go’
After registering the account on Google Merchant, all you have to do is activate our “YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce” plugin to create the correct file including the products you have selected allowing you to show them on Google search engine in no time.

It’s easy as pie! Your business will grow beyond expectation.

Look at the screenshots below to discover how easy and quick it is.

No limits to the number of feeds that you can create
Include all products in the feed, or just the ones in the selected category and/or tag
Generate feeds as .xml and/or .txt files
Create custom templates for your feeds and choose which Google fields you want to choose
Choose the information you want to display for each Google field in the feed
Include information linked to a specific custom field in the feed
Optionally, add a prefix and/or a suffix for the information shown on Google Shop
Manage Google Merchant general feeds:
set the same values for all products
override the global values at product level (simple product) or variation level