Allow your customers to assemble their own product using other products from your store.
Have you ever noticed your users’ behavior when they try to configure a composite product? Do you know how they feel when they don’t succeed in doing it?

I am telling you! They feel completely frustrated while searching with difficulty among a thousand categories and unlimited products. Furthermore, in most cases they forget some items with, as a consequence, a significant damage for your store.

Allow your users to compose products in a few easy steps and make them feel sure of their choice
With our YITH WooCommerce Composite Products you could choose any composite product in a completely fast, dynamic and safe way.

Your customers won’t encounter difficulties to purchase products such as computers, sports equipment, home furnishings or skateboards, drones, bicycles, etc. thanks to our plugin studied to solve any possible hitch.

Allow your customers to assemble their own product using other products from the store<
The product price can be either fixed or determined by the sum of the prices of all the products included
Set up a shipping price using all of the elements in the cart or excluding the main product
Show the components of the composite products in three different ways: listed, accordion list or step
Assign a name to each component
Allow customers to chose from a list of product, filtered by id, categories or tags
Show the product list of each component in three different ways: dropdown, product thumbnails and radio button
Set a minimum and/or maximum quantity allowed for each component
Choose if you want to apply a discount percentage to a specific component
Apply the discount to the product launch price or the regular price
Choose whether a component is mandatory or not
A chance to make a component exclusive of a certain product
Create a net of dependencies by setting the plugin behaviour in case of specific products, excluding or forcing the choice of other products