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Creating a lot of EDD products is very difficult 🙂

You need to create every download one at a time, enter the file details, prices, etc. and repeat.

The Search is very limited. If you want to find downloads by file name, prices, bundle, etc. you can’t do it. You end up opening a lot of pages, make a lot of clicks, waste a lot of time.

Edit EDD products in a spreadsheet
View all Easy Digital Downloads in the spreadsheet
Edit hundreds of downloads at once using Formulas
Create downloads in bulk quickly
Update downloads prices, dates, etc. in bulk
Make advanced searches by keyword, dates, and any downloads field
General Features
Bundles: The plugin generates one column for every bundle. You can edit bundles quickly using the spreadsheet or the bulk update tool.
Variable Pricing: The spreadsheet supports variable prices. It provides columns to enter the price, name, etc.
Unlimited files: The EDD Spreadsheet supports unlimited files, you can edit on the sheet and using the bulk update tool
Custom Columns: You can add new columns to the Downloads Spreadsheet for editing custom fields
Downloads meta: You can edit Custom Fields added by other plugins, they show automatically
Columns Visibility: You can remove, deactivate, display, and sort columns.
Formulas: You can update hundreds of Downloads at once using Formulas
Advanced Custom Fields: Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes automatically appear in the Downloads spreadsheet.
Advanced search: You can find Downloads by category, missing images, and any field
Columns resizing: You can resize columns
Columns renaming: You can rename column
Template products: You can create a “master Download” and all the Downloads that you create in the spreadsheet will copy the values from the base Download, so all the fields are auto filled.