Instant and Painless Refunds
WooCommerce Smart Refunder removes pain from the refund process – both for customers and store owners.

With WooCommerce Smart Refunder:

Customers can request a refund from My Account – easy, quick and complete
Customer get instant refunds if store owners opt in and the payment gateway supports it
Store owners can see refund requests in WooCommerce and process them manually, if instant refunds are unavailable
Store owners can issue cash refunds or store credits
Customers can request full or partial refunds
Order and pricing details are available for review
Process is quick, simple and automated
A refund means you’ve lost a customer. Delay and complications could lose them forever
Digital / Downloadable Products

If you are selling virtual products, digital goods or subscriptions – the refund process can be fully automated with WooCommerce Smart Refunder. Customers request a refund and get it instantly.

Cash Refunds or Coupons

If you have chosen to provide a coupons for refunds, and customers want them, a new coupon is emailed instantly.

Physical Products

If you are selling physical products, or a gateway that doesn’t support refunds, Smart Refunder allows customers to request refunds from My Account, and shows refund requests to you in WooCommerce. You then process them manually and complete refund requests. This saves you time since all required details are available at your fingertips.

Typical Refund Process
Unhappy Customer contacts support team via email/chat/phone
Customer gives order / product details and asks for a refund
Store owner looks into the request, verifies the order in WooCommerce and the payment
If the store owner cannot find the transaction, more details are requested from customer
Once transaction details are confirmed, the store owner logs into PayPal (or chosen gateway) website
Store owner locates the transaction and issues a refund, then replies to customer that a refund has been issued
This process could take hours to days, depending on how quickly support requests are processed. It’s never a pleasant experience for the store owner or customer.

Smart Refunder Process
Customer logs into My Account area, and locates the order for a refund
Customer completes refund request form, mentioning reason and amount of refund
Status of the order changes to “refund-requested”
Based on settings and payment gateway compatibility, an instant cash refund or coupon is issued
If instant refund is not allowed/possible, store owner can manage the refund from WooCommerce
Processing the refund, store owner can accept or reject refund, issue full or partial refund, and can also send a message to the customer.
Both customer and admin get email notifications of all updates
Order status changes to “refunded” once processed