A full-featured Shipwire integration for WooCommerce, including real-time shipping rates, automatic order fulfillment processing, and live inventory / tracking updates.

Simplify Shipping and Inventory Management with Shipwire.

This extension is a full-featured integration for Shipwire, including real-time shipping rates, automatic order fulfillment processing, and live inventory / tracking updates.

Easily display real-time shipping quotes from Shipwire to your customers during checkout, then automatically export orders to Shipwire after they’ve been processed. Inventory and order tracking information are updated automatically when pushed from Shipwire. Tracking information is available on the Edit Order page to see the status of every order placed.

Shipwire Integration Features
Show real-time shipping rates directly from Shipwire
Supports split orders so you can manage some or all products via Shipwire NEW
Select which countries to use for automatic order export to Shipwire
Opt to automatically export paid orders to Shipwire for fulfillment and shipment
Option to automatically update inventory and tracking information on a recurring basis (i.e. every 5 minutes)
See order and tracking information for every order right on the Edit Order page
Customers will see tracking information in the account section and “order completed” emails NEW
Automatically receive email if an order fails to export or encounters an issue that prevents it from being shipped.
Optionally add handling fees per item if an order contains more than one item
Supports serial number scanning for electronics sellers NEW
Real-Time Shipping Rates
There’s no need for UPS or FedEx extensions with Shipwire; simply enable the built-in shipping method and your customers will see real-time shipping rates. You can enable the optional delivery estimates to show customers when their shipment might arrive.

Since split-orders are supported, if the cart contains some products managed by Shipwire, the real-time rates will be used for that shipment, and your WooCommerce rates will be used for shipments of non-managed items.

Automatic Order Fulfillment
Orders can be automatically exported to Shipwire as soon as payment is received, or you can manually export orders with a single click. A separate Shipwire order status is assigned to each order to help you manage your fulfillment process, and bulk order actions are available to export multiple orders at once. If an order has a problem (an invalid address, for example), you can check the order notes to see exactly went wrong.

Automatic Inventory / Tracking Updates
Product inventory is automatically updated when new inventory is added to Shipwre so you always have the most up-to-date stock amounts. Just received new inventory in Shipwire? No problem — it should be updated on your site right away. You can also update inventory for a single product or all products at any time with just one click and a recurring schedule periodically checks for any updates there have been missed.

Tracking information for orders is also automatically updated, and checked as a backup on a recurring basis. Shipped orders can be completed automatically to streamline fulfillment workflows. Easily see the tracking information for an individual order and find out when the estimated delivery is.