Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms (version 1.9+ and 2+) allows your users to attach images to forms. You can set the required aspect ratio and output size of the uploaded images, Slim will make sure all uploaded images fit the set requirements. Ideal if you need your users to upload images of a specific size or ratio like profile pictures, documents or source images for print.

Example use cases:

Set square aspect ratio to have make uploading profile pictures easier.
Set common document aspect ratios to crop images to familiar document sizes.
Set warning for low quality image uploads.
Set smaller image output size and JPEG compression so images are uploaded faster.

Quick feature overview:

Auto corrects mobile image rotation
Auto crop and auto resize of images
User can adjust the crop and rotation
Compatible with Gravity View
Compatible with Image and File field types of Advanced Custom Fields
Set JPEG compression amount
Multiple Slim croppers per form
Force image output to JPEG or PNG
Low quality image warning.
Supports touch interaction on mobile devices
Responsive and beautifully animated
Includes Slim post field, due to limitations in Gravity Forms it can only be used to create posts not update
Give it a test run:

Slim live demo