Simple Link Directory Pro is a unique, advanced and simply the best WordPress Directory plugin for Listing Directory and Content Curation. Create innovative and elegant Link Directory, Link Lists, Link Collection, Link Page, Resource Page, Listing Directory, Topsite script, Logo Showcase, Video Gallery, Youtube Video Directory, Video Database or Partners page on your WordPress website in a matter of minutes. Monetize Directory with Paid Listing and Claim Listing features.

Simple Link Directory Pro Features
Build unlimited Lists and show them in one page or multiple pages
Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
Auto Generate Thumbnail from Website link
Topic based Link Lists that can be Displayed Category wise
Multi Page mode generates Category, Lists and Link Details pages automatically starting with your page slug from a single shortcode
Tabbed Category Listing of All Your Directory Lists
Video Gallery – Vimeo Video Directory and Youtube Video Directory
Play Youtube Video and Vimeo Video Links in a LightBox Modal
Use as Link Directory, Resources page, Links page, Partners page, Associates page, Logo showcase, Local Business Directory, or Vendors page. Possibilities are endless
Live, on page, instant search
Live, on page, instant filtering of lists
Live, on page, instant filtering by Tags
Scroll to Top Button
RTL support
Optional Fixed Position Filter buttons that can be Left aligned or placed at top of your Lists
Multi Language support with mo/pot file. Dutch and Russian language files included.
Compatible with Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder or any Visual Builder that supports shortcode.
Community Features
Allow users to submit links to your directory
Complete front end user registration, login and link submission
Free or Paid Link Listing Opportunity
Auto approve option for user registration to the directory
New user role: SLD User
Allow any WordPress User to Add Link (use other plugins for registration/payment)
Auto approve links option
Manage user submitted links to the directory
Unlimited front end link submission for Admin user
Invite user interaction with Upvote
Enable Upvote for Main Click in General settings
Choose your UpVote icon: Thumbs up, Firey Hot, Heart, Star or Smiley Face.
Allow users to embed your lists on their websites
Allow registered users to create their own Favorite List of links
16 templates to choose from for Single Page mode
2 templates to choose from for Multi Page mode
Create custom templates or customize templates rom your theme folder
Fully responsive and modern designs
Directory templates are designed for different use case scenarios
Use theme fonts or choose a Google font
Fixed position filtering area
Custom CSS to add your own style
Front End Submission Features
Front End User Registration with Captcha, Log in, Link Submission, DashBoard
Alternative option for link submission button (link to a contact form or google doc)
Admin Approves User Submitted Links to Listing Directory or Set to Auto Approve
Enable Free Frontend Submission
Free Submission Limit
Enable Email Notification for New Item Submission
Mark Paid Item as Featured
Show Featured Item at Top
Registration Captcha
Allow any logged in user to add link. Makes it possible for your existing site users to add link without registering again or use 3rd party plugins for user registration and payment.
Allow User to Update Profile
Allow User to Upload Image
Do Not Allow do-follow Links
Auto Approve Registered Users
Auto Approve Item Submission
Exclude Lists from Front End Submission
Enable Email Notification for Package Expiration
Enable Claim Listing
Show Claim Listing Button at Top
Enable Paypal payment
Enable Paypal Test Mode
Enable Stripe payment
Supports recurring payment
Admin Friendly Functionality
5 ways to add images: Auto Favicon, Font Awesome Icon, Upload Image, Paste Image Link OR Auto Generate Screenshot thumbnails from Website Links
Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
Auto Generate Thumbnail from Website link
3 Sidebar Widgets for Latest Links, Most Populat Links and Random Links
User UpVote Management
Reset Upvotes – Upvote Expire after certain days
Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
Two Diefferent Ways to Edit Directory Lists
Copy List Items or Links to Other Lists
Unpublish List Items or Links
Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
Text block with each list that supports any shortcode. Display Ads Inside Directory
Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Configure the text that will show with the embeds. Great for SEO!
Click Statistics
CSV Import to create new lists easily.
CSV Export your lists for backup
Import your exported CSV back with update lists
Edit Front End Text Labels from Laanguage Settings Area
Customizability and Flexibility
Choose theme font or google font.
Configurable highlight color for each list
Customize colors, fonts and almost all aspects of the link lists
Customize templates from your theme folder
Complete control over directory list ordering
Custom Ordering of Lists
Order List Items by Up votes, Item title, Date
Randomize Lists and List Items
Over a dozen shortcode parameters
Easy and Powerful Shortcode Generator – no need to hunt down all the different parameters
Custom JS and CSS panel to modify directory functionality
Pagination for List Items available as a shortcode option.
Mark Directory Links as New or Featured
Expire Items Marked as New After a Certain Time Defined by You
Language center to easily update all front end languages
Topsite List Script Features
Order Listing Directory by Link Clicks
Click statistics for admin
Restrict upvote by IP
Restrict UpVote for Logged in Users only
Reset upvotes for Specific Lists
Reset upvotes for All Lists
Enable Upvote for Main Click in General settings
Link Directory for Company Intranet :
Media or Marketing companies often require their company employees to access certain websites on regular basis. You can create link directories for your company Intranet using Simple Link Directory and allow your employees to create their own bookmark or favorite list of links selected from your directory listings.
Any logged in user can create their own favorite List of Links by bookmarking links from your directory lists.
Dynamically add or remove links from favorite bookmark list from front end
Use a single master CSV file to Export and Import your directory listings