Just install and use it. The plugin will create all necessary pages, email template and settings on the plugin installation.

Demo Login

User Login : U : demo / P: demo Here

Payment Gateway
a) Paypal [Express Checkout]
b) Stripe [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
Mailchimp to store Email for new registrants
13 languages files inside of the plugin
Integrated with visual Composer
Real Estate Listing
1) Add/Edit Listing from frontend “My Account”
2) My Favorites
3) My Bidding
4) Deposit Money for bidding [Stripe/Paypal]
5) Set Bidding radius for bid a listing
6) Set Start Bid Amount
7) My Payment History
8 ) Who is interested about my listing
9) Claim Listing
10) Contact List Owner
11) Responsive Touch slider
12) Public Facilities
13) Floor Plan
14) Offer/ Deal
15) Listing Read / Write access by user role
16) Admin can add new fields
17) Category Map Marker image setting
18) User Listing Publish Ability or Pending for approval
19) Geolocation search by KM and Mile
20) Search widget
21) Revolution Sliders Search ShortCode
Membership Type
a) Free Account
b) One time Payment
c) Recurring Payment
d) Free Trial
e) Paid Trial
e) Variable Payment Package
7 Pricing Tables
2 Signup styles
My account
User Setting
User Social Profile
User privacy setting
User Change Password
User All Post
User Post: Custom Fields
User Insert Post
User Edit Post
Subscription upgrade
Subscription downgrade
Subscription Cancel
Mu Account Menu Show/Hide
Coupon for Signup
Coupon By Package
Set Coupon limit
Set Coupon expire date
User Role creation by Package
Overriding templates
Page Redirect
Agent Public Profile Page Redirect
Agent My Account Page Redirect
Agent Registration Page Redirect
Page Setting
11 Email Templates
User Welcome Email template
User Forget Password Email template
User Order Email template
Admin Order Email template
Listing contact Email template
Listing contact Email template for CC Admin [Admin Setting]
Claim Email template
Deal Email template : Listing Owner + Buyer
Subscription Reminder Email Template
Agent Public Profile
Payment History
3D Pic charts
Line Chart
User Public Profile Page Redirect:
Hide Admin Bar
2 type of User Directories
And Lots of other settings..