Projectopia (previously know as CQPIM) is a full-feature project management plugin for WordPress. Designed from the ground up by our web solutions agency in Brighton, UK, it was originally created as an in-house solution for managing our own clients and team members. As it grew, we realised that there is a serious lack of PM plugins for WordPress, so we decided to launch it for sale, and since then it has been hugely expanded based on feedback from the Envato community. The plugin aims to combine every aspect of project management into one place, and includes many features that will help both freelancers and agencies to get their projects organized and their communications clear, so that everyone working on the projects knows exactly where they are, at any time.

CQPIM WordPress Plugin Features
Workflow control
Powerful settings panel
Role based team members permission system
Multiple date formats
Sales Tax feature (Including Secondary Tax)
Fully Translatable (PHP gettext functions & PO/MO files)
Currency Symbol and Position Settings
Existing user to CQPIM Client Conversion Tool
Existing user to CQPIM Team Member Conversion Tool