“Drip feed” content to your members over the course of their membership. Serializes content by # of days post-registration.

Create “Series” (groups of posts/pages) where content is revealed to members over time.

How it Works
Adds a new “Series” tab in the WordPress Admin Menu
Admins can add a page or post to a series along with a # of days after signup.
Admins can add a series to a membership level.
Admins can adjust the email template via an added page to their active theme.

User signs up for a membership level that gives him access to Series A.
User gets access to any “0 days after” series content.
Each day a script checks if a user should gain access to any new content, if so:
User is given access to the content.
A link to the content is added to the Membership Account page.
An email is sent to the user letting them know that content is available.