Connect your Gravity Forms directly to your WPDB-Database-Table. This is a plugin for professionals and developers.

New in 3.5! Added Conditional Logic to process the feed
New in 3.3! Support for Gravity Forms Chained Select Fields
New in 3.0! Uses the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework
New in 3.0! Save your Gravity-Forms Entry from one Form to one or more WPDB Tables
Simple WPDB Table and Field Setup at the default Gravity-Forms Feed-Settings
Fully Gravity-Forms integration
Use of the Gravity-Forms API
Add a Primary-Key, so every change or delete from the Gravity-Forms backend will reflect at your WPDB Table
Supports most of the Standard-, Advanced-, Post- and Pricing-Fields
Fill your select, multiselect, radio and checkbox fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database
Fill your product, option and shipping fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database, including the price
Validate your field-values for single-text-line and paragraph-text fields with WPDB-Queries against your database