Erplayer is a WordPress plugin that adds a Radio Player widget to Elementor, to reproduce the sound of any web radio channel and display the song titles of any compatible source. It can also, optionally, fetch and display the artwork of the songs.

The radio player is compatible with any MP3 or AAC stream, and can read song titles and authors from the most popular formats as:

Shoutcast V2
Airtime and Airtime Pro
Text feed “artist – title”
Any ICY audio header (default streaming titles)
4 Design Options
Radio player card See demo
Radio player bar compact See demo
Radio player bar full-width See demo
Minimal player button See demo
Position Options
This player can be used with 3 positioning options:

Inline: the player appears in the position you place it
Fixed modal window: display the player in a corner, with a toggle button
Popup: keep the music playing while browsing the website
Design Options
Customise any design aspect of the player:

Unlimited amount of radio channels
Font: choose any google font, size, letter-spacing and color
Background colors
Background opacity
Background image
Toggle button design, colour and look
Paddings, size, corners, shadow, margins, aligments
Functionality options
Starting volume
Volume and playlist show/hide
Optionally fetch album artwork and use it as background for the player
Why choosing Erplayer
This radio player comes from 10 years of experience in the development of radio players for WordPress, and has the highest compatibility with any popular radio streaming format, not only ShoutCast v2 and Icecast, but also vendor formats from independent companies.

The unprecedented flexibility makes of this Elementor radio player the most flexible radio player for any website, and the popup option is a key feature that allows your visitor to listen to the music while browsing the website (desktop only, as there is no such thing as popups for mobile).

Its incredible design customisability will leave you astonished and makes it the most adaptable radio player on the market, perfect for any brand, style, music genre and website.