An easy to use yet powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Delivers your content in milliseconds, improves your ranking, and makes your visitors happy.

What is a caching plugin and how does it increase my WordPress performance?
WordPress is a database powered platform which generates content dynamically.

The more content and plugins you have the more database requests are executed. This can slow down your site’s performance, especially when your database is located on a different server.

A cache plugin like Borlabs Cache saves the dynamically generated content as a static file on your server’s storage. When the page is requested, this static file is loaded and send to the visitor, which is dramatically faster than the regular database requests. But that is not all. Your pages contain a lot of unnecessary whitespace or HTML-Comments, which only increases the overall size of the page, but are not important for your e.g. layout or design. Borlabs Cache removes all of them and uses GZIP to compress your page, which saves your and your visitor’s traffic.

Many plugins have their own JavaScript and CSS files, which results in more requests to your server. Borlabs Cache combines all these JavaScript and CSS files so that in the best case your visitor only has to load one JavaScript file and one CSS file.

These are just some examples, what Borlabs Cache does to increase your site’s performance.


Caches every page, post, feed, category, tag, etc.
Define individual cache lifetimes for home, categories, pages, posts, feeds, custom post types, etc.
Automatically refreshes the cache…
…the post…
…the archive…
…what ever you want…
…a comment was written
…a post was published
…ever you want
Exclude from caching by…
…query string
…path, e.g. /dont-cache.html, or with regular expression
…post type
…user agent
Complete header managment
and much more…

Merge JavaScript files into a single file
Minify and compress JavaScript
Defer JavaScript
Place JavaScript into header or footer
Merge CSS files into a single file
Minify and compress CSS
Optimize Google Font embedding
Compress HTML
Remove HTML-comments
Remove unnecessary whitespace
Miscellaneous Settings
Disable WordPress meta-generator tag
Disable third-party meta-generator tags
Disable emoji
Disable feeds link
Disable manifest
and much more…
Database Optimization
Unique Features

Fragment Caching: keep parts of your site dynamic and not static
Security Headers: Content-Control-Policy, XSS-Protection, and much more
View Cache: See all cached pages and get statistics about them page. Remove or refresh a specific page of the cache
Cache Preloading: Keep all your pages up-to-date. Your customers always get your content super fast
Cache Presets: Different cache settings for every kind of website like ecommerce, magazine, corporate, etc.

Multisite: Individual cache settings for every site of your WordPress Multisite installation
Multilingual: Works with WPML, qTranslate, and many others
Ecommerce: Works with WooCommerce, automatically excludes cart & checkout by default with our ecommerce-preset
CDN: Use your favorite CDN like StackPath (MaxCDN), KeyCDN, CloudFlare or any other