Amelia is a next-generation Appointment Booking WordPress plugin built with the newest technology by an award-winning team.

Amelia is your automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can make appointments even while you sleep.

It is a comprehensive booking software, supporting:

Multiple employees with custom working hours and days off.
2-Way Google Calendar Integration for each employee.
WooCommerce integration.
Multiple services and service categories, Service Extras.
Multiple business locations.
Graphs and diagrams for business performance KPIs.
And many more (see feature list).
Where can I see the feature list?
Feature list can be found here. It’s not 100% complete, but covers all major features. Detailed documentation, tutorials, demos can be found on the plugin’s website. A demo (fake Gym website) can be found here. A back-end “sandbox” demo is coming in a few days.

Will Amelia be a match for my business?
Amelia is perfect for any business that relies on scheduling and booking appointments in advance. Between others:

Spa salons.
Beauty and hairdresser salons.
Private photographers and wedding photographers.
Private tour guides.
Private clinics, dentists, other healthcare companies.
Law and business consultants.
Personal life and business coaches.
Tourism industry.
Repair and service centers.
Private psychologists.
Internet Cafes.
And many others…